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Standard for Excellence
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  
Roger Carras
Ridgebacks by Kat
Structurally sound and even temperament Rhodesian Ridgebacks of the highest standards.
My approach to breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks is with careful planning, established
breed lines and thorough pedigree study, temperament evaluations, along with extensive
health testing to insure the best breeding possible.
Ridgebacks by Kat have distinct Ridgeback lines yet complementary  in structure and
soundness. I will provide nurturing, comprehensive and professional information and
resources to all of my puppy homes. While I anticipate most of our puppy homes to  
already be worthy Ridgeback advocates for the betterment of the breed, my main goal is to
instill all of  you with a lifelong appreciation for the Rhodesian Ridgeback as a companion
and cherished family member.   
Should you have any questions regarding our policies or ideals, please contact me.  I
would love to speak with you.

Very truly yours,

Kathy A. Walkoviak   
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